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2014.09.13 09:15

Brand new #Fender Rumble 500 sitting atop a pair of vintage Fender 2841 speaker cabinets. Hear this rig live Thursday, October 16th at the Keswick Theatre. $10 online or at the door. (at Fredadelphia)

2014.08.30 20:53

I estimate I put over 7,000 miles on this little electric motor over the last 22 months before it died. Today I pulled all the spokes and installed a new motor with 50W more power. Time for a test drive…. (at Fredadelphia)

2014.08.30 17:37

The Settlers of Catan… (at Fredadelphia)

2014.08.27 16:07

Philadelphia in August… (at Fredadelphia)

2014.08.24 22:48

at Fredadelphia

2014.08.24 10:00

Alley Cat… (at Fredadelphia)

2014.08.24 09:51

Good Morning… (at Fredadelphia)

2014.07.15 14:36

Rain… (at Murrays Bagels Chelsea)

2014.07.11 15:24

A room with a view… (at The Jane Hotel)

2014.07.11 11:44

Counting the cars… Headed to NYC for the weekend to see the #Phish, eat lots of Murray’s bagels, tool the bikeways and hopefully finish book one of Game of Thrones. #VacationGoals (at New Jersey Turnpike)

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